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Spirit Animal Messenger: the Snake

Diana Cooper´s Archangel Animal Oracle deck has been sitting in my cupboard waiting for a turn to be read so I bring it out today and immediately pull the snake. Some may be put off by this animal but the snake is really misunderstood. I pull this card whenever I am about to go through a massive spiritual upheaval so I always want to reshuffle when I see it. Last time I reshuffled I had a dream that a green two headed snake bit my hand so I think I will pay attention this time!

Image source: Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper

Snake imagery also warns us to look deeper and examine people or situations around us. Is there something in your life that when you scratch below the surface is actually hurting you or even worse sabotaging you? Are you sabotaging yourself? Have you moved past that stage of life where you are hurting and sabotaging yourself? I remember that time, I did it a lot in my twenties. You think you do not deserve something or someone nice, or something seems too good or pure to be trusted, and you do something to make them go away. Let us all not do that anymore ok? As we grow older time speeds along more and more. We don't have time for these destructive patterns.

Additionally, are you being mindful of who and what you give the gift that is your time? Discernment is a wonderful ability we attempt with age. If we are not great at it, signs come in to hit us over the head. I include myself here, am totally not a fan of dreams with biting venomous snakes. This to me is a plea from the universe to listen more intently. Darn it universe, you always give us tough love.

The message on the card is 'Live according to your Divine Essence' and suggests we call upon the elemental kingdom. This means something big is about to happen on your spiritual journey? Are you ready? Are you going to flow or be dragged into change kicking and screaming? I have been kicking and screaming for a lot of years, trust me when I say trust and flow are less painful. One last thing that this card is pointing to is the idea of going outside, even in wet or cold weather. When the elemental kingdom comes calling they want you to go stand outside and take a deep breath. Walk, run, touch the grass or a tree.

Affirmation I hear for today:

My Divine Essence is beautiful.

I am deserving.

I am beautiful.

I am one with the divine.

I respect my soul .

My soul uses discernment to protect me.

I answer the call of the Universe.

Wishing you beautiful messages from the Universe,



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