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Healing Crystals with Guardian Angel Message

Healing Crystals with Guardian Angel Message

This set consists of crystal quartz, rose quartz and amethyst, also known as The Golden Triangle. A small complimentary piece of hematite is also included. In addition to the crystals you will aslo receive a written out message from your Guardian Angel. The combination of crystals ensures the best energetic balance in any space.


  • Amethyst: neutralizing and absorbing stress, tension and negative energy.
  • Crystal Quartz: provides positivity and energy in the room.
  • Rose Quartz: provides harmony and a nice and safe / familiar feeling.
  • Hematite: causes all crystals to be discharged and the crystal quartz charges the others. The combination also ensures that we can better deal with the energy changes around us.


Please note:

  • The photo is an example of the product, you will receive these stones or comparable stones, which are always of equal quality.
  • Minerals are natural products, colors may differ from the photo.
  • The stones measure circa 2,5 - 4 cm.
  • Price includes tax, shipping and handling.
  • Shipping to a location outside the EU may take longer due to current cirumstances.
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