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Reiki infused chakra set for anxiety

Reiki infused chakra set for anxiety

The set consists of: Tiger Eye, Inca Jasper, Citrine, Mangano Calcite, Angelite, Ametrine and Iolite. All stones are Reiki infused by me (Holy Fire Reiki Master) to help with Chakra alignment.


How to use this set?


Method 1:

You place the stones on your body (on the chakra points) and you stay with the set for fifteen minutes to half an hour. In this way you absorb the energy that calms you down and helps you to let go of your fears.


  • Root chakra: between the feet (Tiger's eye)
  • Sacral chakra: on the belly below the navel (Inca Jasper)
  • Solar Plexus: 2 fingers above the navel (Citrine)
  • Heart chakra: heart region (Mangano Calcite)
  • Throat chakra: dimple in your throat (Angeliet)
  • Third eye: between the eyebrows (Ametrine)
  • Crown chakra: on your pillow above your head (Iolite)


Method 2:

You place the stones under your mattress, where the stones are placed approximately on the chakra (see 1). This way you get energy from the stones all night long, giving your chakras a chance to let go of the fears. This is especially ideal for sensitive people and children. With this way of laying you get less energy than with laying directly on the body.


Method 3:

You pull 1 or 2 stones out of the bag in the morning and you keep them with you all day. This way you will get the energy you need right now. 


Please note:

  • The photo is an example of the product, you will receive these stones or comparable stones, which are always of equal quality.
  • Minerals are natural products, colors may differ from the photo.
  • The stones measure circa 3 cm.
  • Price includes shipping and handling.
  • Shipping to a location outside the EU may take longer due to current cirumstances.
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