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The Magic and Science of Gaia

If you are new to the spiritual path a word you will hear over and over is Gaia.  If you have been at this a while, I hope this still resonates with you.


Left image: from Keepers of the light oracle cards by Kyle Gray

Right image: from Goddess Power oracle guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid

Mythology tells us that Gaia is the Greek goddess of ancestral life. In more modern times according to by definition she is “the very soul of the Earth, a being of light sent in primordial times, mating with the sky creating time, the fates, muses and the oceans. Gaia is mother to all.” Many cultures have a name for the goddess of the Earth but Gaia is my personal favourite. Caretaker of Earth.

In 1970, Chemist James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis  his research partner, proposed that the Earth is a living being, self-regulating the elements to keep life going. In the words of

“The Gaia hypothesis proposes that Earth and its biological systems behave as a huge single entity. This entity has closely controlled self-regulatory negative feedback loops that keep the conditions on the planet within boundaries that are favourable to life.”

I love when science and magic meet and converge even if the Gaia theory is met with a raised eyebrow in the scientific community.

My favourite definition comes from the magnificent  spiritual teacher Diana Cooper, who in her Help from the Angelic Realms video series Day 8 on YouTube defines Lady Gaia as a ninth dimensional angel known as a Throne who has looked after the planet since time began. A basic summary of what I’ve learned from Diana Cooper in this video is that Lady Gaia invited you to incarnate in this time on Earth with great love and invites you to help her raise the Earth’s frequency. Every year on your birthday she sends you blessings and pure love. Every being on Earth is precious to her as she is the caretaker of not just Earth but all the beings who live here.

Gaia is a subject deserving of numerous books but for the purposes of a blog post these are the three definitions that I feel really help those on the start of the spiritualist path. Pick the definition that resonates the most with you.. Most beings of light transcend definitions because they are so magical human language cannot fully articulate their power.

When Gaia’s card appears to you in a reading, she is letting you know she appreciates your love of the planet and the effort of care and kindness you show the animals and environment. She reminds you to ground and send healing blessings to the Earth. Living mindfully, blessing our homes and the surrounding land is a gift to Gaia and honours her. When I ground I say aloud the following, while holding a tiger’s eye stone in my hand:

Dear Gaia,

please allow me to ground my energy fully and deeply into the Earth. I accept any healing energy you send to me now.  Please transmute all stagnant energy and return it to me fully cleansed, dissolving anything in my energy field that no longer serves me. I thank you for this service and send healing light to you and our planet. Thank you for allowing me to connect fully to your energy and feel this sacred connection.

We are one. And so it is.

Sending you good vibes from Gaia today and always,




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