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Leizi, Mother of Lightning

Sometimes when I don't know what to write about, I pull cards and ask that the messages that come through are for the highest good of myself and anyone who hears the message. Every so often I get a card where I'm unfamiliar with the being. According to

"Leizi more formerly known as Dianmuis, is the Chinese goddess of lightning married to the thunder god Lei Gong. She flashes giant, polished mirrors to create the phenomenon of lightning while her husband uses a drum to generate the sound of thunder".

Source: image from Goddess Power oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid

The image resonates with me for surely all the world events of 2020 are powerful and equal parts destructive and polarising much like lightning itself. Leizi holds the bolt of energy in her hand and what she holds is chaotic yet beautiful. Pink and blue energy surrounds her, The deep blue I often associate with Archangel Michael the protector, the right hand of God, and the pink energy is one of love and divine feminine strength. By it's very definition the word mother is equal parts a provider of love and protection. Mothers can be equal parts loving and fierce to put it mildly. Her clothing is divine white light so iridescent the rainbow swirls around her, the very colours of creation contained within white light of source.

With this deck I resonate deeply with the empowerment message which in part states:

"there are moments when synchronicity brings all the elements together for a flash of insight to rise up in you in a glorious epiphany. Whatever was not clear becomes crystalline in an instant. It's as if you are able to simultaneously perceive every facet in a diamond. You know without a doubt you are on the right track as deep understanding sinks into your very soul".

This is the message I get as I hold the card:

"I'm very pleased to be called into your energy. while my very existence is often used as a story to explain weather to children, know that my very existence serves a deeper purpose. I love to reveal that which needs to be seen. In meditation say goddess of lightning Leizi, please reveal to my soul the appropriate steps to take on my path. I am ready to have the deeper wisdom of my soul illuminated and uncovered for my highest good. Give me clarity of mind so that I follow the path of light in all my endeavours in the coming days. And so it is".

I feel I should mention as I write this post, the song Kiss the Dirt by INXS starts to randomly play on my phone. I'm feeling a deep connection to Leizi's message and the following lyrics:

Playing in the dirt,

We find the seeds of doubt

Don't water them with your tears

Don't think about all the years

You'd rather be without

Eden lets me in, I find the seeds of love

and climb upon the highwire

I kiss and tell all my fears

Falling down the mountain

end up kissing dirt

Look a little closer

Sometimes it wouldn't hurt

Playing in the dirt

we find the seeds of fun

And scream like alley cats...

This seems very fitting to me as when we ask for illumination it isn't all light and love, we can learn things about ourselves that really does feel like falling down a mountain and kissing dirt. When we look inside ourselves and ask for insights we often find our shortcomings. But remember we have the capability to accept our shortcomings and past failures. Don't allow your self doubt to overgrow in your mind. Believe in yourself and access the deep, beautiful truth. You are a divine being of love that can access your full potential if you allow the universe to help you.

If you look down on yourself in sadness, you will miss the insight the universe tries to give you. Be open to love, inspiration, and happiness. Take a chance, love and accept yourself. Change what you can change but also love the beautiful parts of yourself.

Wishing you divine illumination and deep self-love,




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