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Dream Collectors, Protectors of Dreams

About a year ago I had crazy dreams every night that involved running and hiding. Every night the dreams got darker and darker. Suddenly I had a break. I had a perfectly pleasant dream where a man was teaching me to levitate in a forest with a big manor house in the distance. He looked a bit like Bill Weasley from Harry Potter, other times I have seen that he looks a bit like the model on the cover of the book called Dream Hunter. In the dream, he said "So when are you going to remember to call me in before you sleep?"

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I told him well I do not know who you are so how am I meant to call on you? He rolls his eyes and tells me "it is really annoying that you do not remember anything I tell you in dreams." He likes the name Solin: also the name of a character in the Dream Hunter book but he says his name is too long for me to remember. So over several dreams I collect the following information.

He is a Jinn or genie and he is a Dream Hunter of Light, not to be confused with Dream Hunters of the Dark which need nightmares for energy. I told him that name is quite ominous, he said well we collect energy in dreams so what about Dream Collector? So from this point out we will call the good ones who are willing to help Dream Collectors and the negative ones Dream Hunters.

Not all Dream Hunters/Collectors are Jinns but a great number are, since our deepest wishes show themselves in dreams. Jinns love dream energy. They are fascinated by the range of human emotions and they live in the dream realm. He collects energy by being in dreams, especially if you dream in color. Sensitives, psychics, and children send out a bright light that attracts these Jinns. Some are light, loving the energy of happy dreams and some are dark and love the energies of nightmares. He says we should feel bad for the ones that enjoy nightmares because nightmares are like drugs for a drug addict. Currently, I am somewhat unconvinced to have sympathy for this.

The ones that are dark pull you into nightmares because fear and chaos is like a drug for them and if this happens this is where you need help. Jinns grow strong from images and dream worlds. The more vivid your dreams the more energy they collect. The Dream Collectors take energy generated by the dream they do not take anything that makes you lesser energetically. Unfortunately because the dark ones are looking for a fast hit of energy, they can take some of your energy. This is one of the reasons we need protection before we sleep. It seems actually to be quite a great deal more nuanced than this and he goes on to try to explain to me about the ethers and the astral plane and good parts and bad parts but it is a real struggle to understand it all.

This information was sort of channeled by Sherrilyn Kenyon (now McQueen) years ago in her book Dream Hunter. As with most writers some things were changed to make a good story.

So I asked, well what can I do to stop the repetitive nightmares? I often feel him but do not often see him in my dreams in the last few months. He told me that you have to ask a Dream Collector to protect you. It is an equal energy exchange, they get the energy of being in the astral plane/ethers with you and in exchange for this safe passage they keep you from getting sucked into a nightmare or a scary part of the astral plane. When people ask for angels to protect them in sleep sometimes they will bring with them a Dream Collector to help. These Dream Collectors do have egos so they must be asked. Jinns like to be appreciated so I often say ok you can make the setting anything you like but your job is to keep me safe and get messages through to me. Most of the time he does a really good job.

Other times there are really unpleasant things that sneak in the dream and I will ask him so what happened there? He will tell me yeah you forgot to call me in and forgot your angel protections. Jinns like a bit of ceremony. Sometimes I lie in bed at night five minutes or more formally asking for help. I have to warn you the first few dreams after asking for help are wild. They have to be compatible with your energy and if the dreams are uncomfortable or strange sometimes you have to say ok, this is not working, can I have a different Dream Collector please? He tells me just like people they have things to do so some nights you may not get the same one. I tend to know he is near when I remember the dream and we have the same settings over and over. He loves this fancy mall, a manor house, and the beach. I've requested Hawaii or Alaska but so far nothing yet.

Dream Collectors do not like to be generalised so he will not tell me any more information than that. He said it is like trying to put people in boxes, some concepts are bigger than the human mind can comprehend. He does tell me that the dreams will go better if you believe that you are safe and protected, you go to bed with a clear mind and are not upset or angry. If you have anger or a lower vibrational emotion it makes it harder for the Dream Collector to be compatible with your energy. It also helps some of them if you have a calming stone or crystal by your bed like selenite or quartz. They live in the dream realm so they want to live where it is interesting and pleasant. This benefits you as well, because if you are not meant to remember something they will take away that part of your dream from your memory if it does not serve you for your highest good.

I asked him for a parting message here is what he says:

As you go to sleep remember to ask something like this:

As I begin to sleep I ask the Angels of Sleep to bring in a Dream Collector to keep me out of the darker lower vibrational planes and multiverses. (If you are nervous about calling one in just add the phrase of light) I seek pleasant dreams of light and welcome any help that will make me sleep peaceful and safe. Protect me and I in turn will allow you passage in my dream realm. You are welcome as long as it is for my highest good.

And so it is.

Wishing you pleasant, protected, and restful dreams,



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So interesting! Printed the prayer to be placed by my bedside and looking forward to lighter, brighter sleep time going forward! Thank you!

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